Adding value

Kemp Little Consulting builds on and enhances Kemp Little’s specialist focus on technology and digital media related law. The consulting services we provide extend the scope of Kemp Little’s current legal services to allow us to help clients at a wider and deeper level.

We believe that delivering consulting projects will allow us:

  • To assist clients throughout a project’s lifecycle by providing consulting services before, alongside and after the time when legal advice would normally be provided making the whole process more efficient and effective;
  • To offer seamless interaction between consulting, project delivery and access to legal services
  • To provide clients with new consulting capabilities and new types of integrated services;
  • To offer access to leading and industry recognised technology expertise in multiple disciplines
  • To add greater value and create longer term, deeper and mutually effective client relationships; and
  • To ensure we provide solutions that suit both General Counsel requirements and the broader business aims of our clients at CXO level.

Collaboration between Kemp Little and Kemp Little Consulting will deliver a unique strategic and commercial proposition for any business using, buying or supplying technology.