Technology Users and Buyers

Our clients seek support at the boundaries of technology, the law and major procurements. Our consultants and lawyers combine to help our clients shape their organisation, technology, and data, and establish effective long-term supplier relationships.

We offer a range of services to help in the selection, deal engineering, negotiation, transitioning and management of major technology related procurements. This includes the design, negotiation and execution of major contracts including on-going supplier management.

Our services are designed to meet the needs of organisations that have major investments in technology and outsourced services, many of which are mission critical. We understand the impact of fast changing markets and technologies and increasingly complex supply chains. We do this whilst ensuring that your suppliers meet all the regulatory, compliance and governance regimes that your industry may demand.

We advise on dynamic sourcing strategies optimising relationships with key providers and help procurement organisations manage rapid change. As part of this our legal colleagues can provide input to our consulting projects on a wide range of issues from EU regulations such as MiFID II to compliance with the Bribery Act.

We offer specialist advice on the procurement of cloud-based services and digital marketing strategy and management. In addition we are able to advise on critical issues of data security and ownership, IP and content liability.

Our clients seek innovative sourcing transactions that are deliverable and based upon sensible risk transfer. Then, once the deal is done, they seek our support in implementing and monitoring effective on-going supplier relationships and all the changes that are inevitable during the lifecycle of large-scale procurements.

In addition, we advise on a wide range of business critical issues at the intersection of technology, consulting and the law. These include data rights, location, security and compliance, regulatory risk and compliance, IT dispute prevention and mitigation.


Clients include large organisations that have IT at the core of their business or that depend upon outsource suppliers for critical systems or business processes can use our services.

Our services in this segment are particularly relevant to Heads of Legal, Heads of Procurement and Commercial Services and Chief Information Officers.

Paul Hinton
Partner - Kemp Little
020 7710 1623
Data Rights, Location, Security & Compliance, Regulatory Compliance & Risk
Andrew Joint
Partner - Kemp Little
020 7710 1667
Business & IT Strategy, Cloud Service Procurement, Sourcing & Procurement
Chris Wray
020 7710 0700
Bid Support and Engagement, Business & IT Strategy, Complex Outsourcing and SIAM, Data Rights, Location, Security & Compliance, Developing European Business, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Dispute Prevention & Recovery, IP Patent Strategy, Programme & Project Management, Regulatory Compliance & Risk
Danny Gozman
Academic Advisor
020 7710 0708
Bid Support and Engagement, Business & IT Strategy, Data Rights, Location, Security & Compliance, Regulatory Compliance & Risk
Jannah Patchay
020 7600 8080
Bid Support and Engagement, Business & IT Strategy, Regulatory Compliance & Risk