Complex Outsourcing and SIAM

At Kemp Little Consulting we specialise in the definition, procurement and management of complex outsourcing arrangements including Service Integration and Management (SIAM)​.

If the first wave of outsourcing deals in the 80s and 90s was all about sole-sourcing, multi-sourcing is now the preferred contracting model for many customers. Indeed it is a model we believe all customers should actively consider given the greater benefits such a model can bring. Multi-sourcing is characterised by:

  • The provision of infrastructure and application services provided by many suppliers rather than just one or a few
  • The customer owns the contractual relationship with all service providers rather than through prime suppliers
  • The need for SIAM to ensure effective end-to-end service is delivered to end users.

We see the primary benefits as: better service quality, post-signature competition, greater flexibility and avoiding margin-on-margin payments. There are many challenges including having no single point of responsibility, the risk of service gaps, ensuring alignment to the wider business and IT strategies and the difficulty of managing the transition to, and subsequent management of, a multi-sourcing model. However, these challenges can be addressed by customers with the right combination of external help and internal capability.

The successful implementation of a multi-sourcing model should be treated as a business change programme which considers all aspects of the model – operating, service, technology, commercial and contractual. Provision of professional advice on all these aspects requires a broad range of skills which we can provide from Kemp Little and Kemp Little Consulting. Our services include:

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We have also found that many companies still face difficulties in managing their existing outsourced services to ensure they meet the outcomes the business needs. In our view there are a number of keys to success for successful outsourcing. Kemp Little and Kemp Little Consulting have drawn on their decades of experience of managing and negotiating outsourcing contracts to develop their ‘Top 10 Tips for Successful Outsourcing’. We have created a diagnostic tool based on these ‘Top 10 Tips’ to assist clients in identifying their points of strength and areas for improvement. 

Please follow the link below to take the survey. To obtain a password to access the survey, or for further details please contact Andy Nelson or Chris Wray

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